"I was always so careful about what I ate. But I didn't think twice about what I put on my skin. I was shocked when I learned that your skin 'eats.' What you put on it, it absorbs, and many harmful fillers and chemicals in name brand skin care impact how your body works."

Sharon Atukwatse, Founder

Dear Friend,

My name is Sharon Atukwatse, and I created P.H.L. (Precious, Honored, Loved) Naturals out of a dire need.

I'm going to be radically honest and transparent with you: I have a hormonal medical condition that impacts my well-being.

For this condition, there is no standard cure.

The best way to keep it "at bay" is by eating clean, healthy foods. Why? Because many pesticides and chemicals in foods impact your endocrine system, which regulates your hormones.

"Eat clean," my doctors advised me.

But no one questioned my skin care. I didn't even question it.

Yet even though I ate as clean as possible - my symptoms persisted.

Why weren't they going away? What was I missing?

I double and triple checked my foods to ensure I wasn't accidentally consuming anything harmful. I doubled down my efforts to eat clean.

Yet still, my symptoms persisted.

It was about that time that I happened to look at one of my big brand skin care bottles and wondered: "What ingredients are in this thing anyway?"

I began researching skin care products like crazy. It consumed all of my free time. I learned about parabens and fillers and preservatives and how the industry cuts corners to get costs down even though they're filling their bottles with questionable ingredients.

And then, it happened:

I came across peer-reviewed scientific articles that found a direct link between certain unnatural ingredients and the endocrine system.1

In short: What you put on your skin can impact your hormones.

The lightbulb went off. I threw away every skin care product I owned. I felt betrayed. How could they knowingly put these harmful ingredients in my products? Did they not have a conscience?

Shortly after throwing away those products - my symptoms became far, far
better and more manageable. Finally, some relief.

Meanwhile, I searched for replacements.

While there were many great organic, natural alternatives - none completely "hit the spot" for me. Some were insanely expensive. Others felt abrasive and irritating on my sensitive skin.

There were none that I really "fell in love" with. Maybe you can relate.

Then it hit me:
I'll create my own skin care products.

I'll make them sensitive and natural and clean enough for me and my health condition. And as a result - they will be sensitive and nurturing and clean
enough for the rest of the world too.

I wanted this skin care to truly take care of you and your skin. I wanted it to make you feel loved.

That's why I named my company "Precious, Honored, Loved Naturals." Because that's how you deserve to feel.

So there you have it.

The story of our humble little company and our effort to bring truly natural, loving
products to the world.

I hope you find our products as wonderful as our many customers do.

And if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here for you.


Sharon Atukwatse

Founder, Precious, Honored, Loved Naturals