Will these products work for people of all ages?

Yes! Our customers range from the young to the elderly (who are just as young at heart). Everyone gains unique benefits based on their skin and age that they simply love.

How fast will I see results?

This varies for each of our products (click here to check out specific products!). With that said, with just about all of them, you’ll feel the results as soon as the product hits your skin. Visible results often appear the next day. The best results appear after 30 days of consistent use.

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Will my dark circles and blemishes really fade? Even if they’re genetic?

Yes! With consistent use, dark circles, blemishes, and reddish patches fade - and often go away altogether. Even if they’re genetic.

We typically recommend consistent use for 30 days, but results often appear after the very first use.

Is this product vegan? Are any animals tested on or harmed in any step of manufacturing?

PHL Naturals are 100% vegan. And we never, ever, ever test on animals or harm any animals in creating our products.

Our company is about honoring and loving life. Not abusing it.

Do these products help with bags under eyes and saggy skin in general?

Absolutely. In fact, if this is your main concern, you will LOVE our eye gel which was designed solely to eliminate bags under eyes and tighten / smoothen skin around the eyes (click here to check it out!.

All of our products tighten skin overall, eliminating bags under eyes and firing skin around your eyes and everywhere else, leaving you with a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Fragrances irritate my sensitive skin. Are your products fragrance-free?

Yes! We don’t add any fragrances at all, making our products feel great to even the most sensitive skin.

Are your products FDA approved and crafted in the USA?

The FDA doesn't actually approve cosmetics. With that said, all of our products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility in the USA that passes their standards with flying colors.

However, we voluntarily go even above and beyond their standards in terms of transparency and quality because we believe in giving you the best, purest product we can.

Can I reach out if I have questions or need help?

Absolutely! We would love nothing more than to hear from you. Head to our [link]contact page[/link] any time you'd like to send us a message!